The colors of crime


A kid just got shot today just down the street.

Shot, not killed, which is why the tape is yellow.

If it was a murder, the tape would be red.

There were about ten shots fired, between kids wearing red and black.

I saw the gold casings glimmering on the grey asphalt.

Last week, the tape was red. The victim was black.  Fifteen years young. Two in the afternoon. The tears shed were the same color of  every mother’s tears. The blood on the streets was the color of everyone’s blood.

Ironically, the shooting was in the same area where the colorful peacock network, NBC,  filmed an episode of CHICAGO PD  a few weeks prior.

About two blocks away from the shootings, there’s a church sign that reads, CHRIST DIED FOR YOUR SINS.


It’s black and white during the day but at night, it glows yellow.

Maybe instead of that  sign, what Uptown needs is the help of street artist JR. He’s combating violence in high crime areas with super sized  portraits and buckets of colorful paint.

It would be a welcome change to all of the yellow and red.


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