Kitchen Kitsch


I chop onions.

All day. Every day.

I chopped so many onions,that my first week on the job, I developed a blister.

When I’m not chopping onions, I’m dicing peppers, mincing garlic, peeling carrots or shredding ginger.

And when I get home, I  usually covered with splashes of the night’s dinner.

But glam isn’t part of kitchen duty unless you’re on a reality cooking show.

Since I’m as messy as I ever was, I started making aprons these Kitschy Kitchen aprons. They crisscross in the back like an old Playtex bra so they don’t come untied. Along with protecting me from goopy splashes when mixing coleslaw for three hundred people, they also absorb the smell.


Plus, they’re sorta fun.

When I’m not chopping onions, I’m writing, most likely at an uptown coffee shop, like Everyone’s Coffee or Dallop.

If you want an apron, gimme a holler.

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