My name Ginger SinsaMac or  麦静洁 which translates into Pure and Peaceful Hamburger  when you put it into Mandarin Translators. I know this because I lived in Southwest China for four years, the only place on earth it’s fashionable to wear pajamas in public and drive cars on sidewalks.

Currently, I live at the Chelsea Hotel.with a seven foot marlin. I spend my days cutting onions and my nights working pn work on my next book.

I cut onions because I have no more tears to cry.

I live with a seven foot marlin because my first fish got away.

I’m working on my next book because my marlin doesn’t distract me much.

About the website:  7FootMarlin is where AmericanTakeOut left off.

If you are looking for curriculum (SLAM!, Shortie Pages, Urban Outreach tools,  visit TastyFaith.com.

You can email me at 7footmarlin@gmail.com


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